A “Doggie-Haven” and a “Doggy Parent-Heaven” too.

We aimed to create a niche and well-educated community of dog parents, who understand their dog and his/her needs, as much as they would understand their biological offspring, in doing which, we end up creating a world where you and your furry friend can be happy and co-exist in your mutual habitat naturally.

Imagine The Day When You Brought Your First Dog Home. You Had Two Choices, Very Easy but Critical Ones

Whether to be just a dog owner ? or to be rare and unique? A DOG Parent!

Once you make this choice, there’s a long road of dog-caring and loving ahead. There’s a lot of giving and an equal amount of taking that you get from your dog. We speak this after spending over two decades of caring for and nurturing our dogs. All of this experience and understanding helped us come up with Elite K9 Club.

A “pet” project, as it was for us, our dreams soon started crystallizing in the efforts to make India’s first “human-friendly dog compound” where dogs can be signed up, and be a part of this niche club. Here they have fun, frolic around, learn all about how to be a part of a vibrant and healthy pack.

Above all, feel like they belong to a family, and their humans can use this opportunity to enjoy the company of other likeminded people, talk to them, learn from them, teach them and even share a dog-friendly recipe! You might find something in common and go on to be the best of friends. The sky is the limit!

Dogs are part of your family. Gone are the days where you can’t leave the house because you don’t want to leave the dog alone. Come & experience, Elite K9 Club, we provide equal parts of human social life, while maintaining and assuring a social presence for your dog too!

So come, join us, to revolutionize and perfect the relationship that was made back when we resembled apes, the one between a human being and a dog. Come, be social!


Dogs Care Center

Dogs Care Center

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Dog Grooming

Dogs Grooming

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Dog Training

Dog Training

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Swimming Service

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