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About Us - Elitek9club

About Us

Why Elite K9 Club?

This question has been asked of us multiple times. The reason that is, is because we are India’s first and bringing a revolution causes a lot of people to be interested, but with their doubts. India has a lot of dogs of different breeds, ages, gene pool, pre-ownership upbringing. Most of them have something in common – Lack of space and physical activities.
We surveyed all the people who parented a dog and we inquired them as to what their primary concern was when it came to keeping their furry friends happy. The 700 responses we got to the survey made for an interesting observation.

Most people have similar issues regarding their concerns for their dog. And the graph isn’t steep as one would think, all the problems are worried about almost equally, essentially.

We are dog lovers and parents who have been seeing all sorts of issues in the dogs of our country. Generations of training, breeding, experimenting, and habituation of dogs to live a certain way make them adjusted to a certain way of life. The fact that they are either not in that environment, or that they are not trained or treated in the way that their body and soul is accustomed to causes physical injuries and psychological issues. This aches us.

What we provide is not just a facility or a service that is distant from your needs and wants. We understand the need for convenience. We also understand the need for ease of access. We bring everything you would want from a club, for you as humans and for the dogs that you so much love.

We have created a plan that is based on all our well thought out brainstorming and analysis. A 360-degree experience for you and your dog.

Elite K9 Club enables dog parents or potential dog parents learn, read, adjust and acclaim themselves to the way of a dog’s life. This cannot be learned from the movies or even from articles or books. This needs to be learned right from the horse’s mouth. By enlisting into our ranks, the customers gain an exhaustible collection of information, help, training assistance and more!

With our state-of-the-art dog-cum-human swimming pool, dog hostel, dog play area, lounging zones and many more, we are a come one come to all solution for parents who want to spend their life “parenting” a dog.

We are elite. However, we are not a luxury. We are a necessity.

What sets us apart?

We have a few things that set us far apart from any of our competitors (if any). These points are things we hold close to our heart with pride and honor. They include

  • Coming First – The fact that we came first. The first of anything has special regard and is the cause of any revolution.
  • Our Customers – We value loyalty above everything, and we have a band of very loyal customer base already set up. They and their dogs are our pride and joy and we hope to add more to the ranks!
  • Our Honor – We are as honorable as Indians should be. We stay answerable and accountable to each of you, dog parents and work tirelessly to make your furry buddies ace at what they are best at!
  • Cleanliness – Cleanliness is right next to Godliness as the saying goes, and we aspire to get close. We have the best sanitation standards in the industry and use products that excel at every corner. We use exclusive chemical-free and animal safe products by Wysiwash, for all our cleaning and sanitary needs. And we are the first ones in India that do so in this industry.
  • Our Special Events – We host special events to cater to all of the postmodern tastes. Workaholic? / work from home? No problem, bring your laptop along with your dog, come down to our lounges, work in them with access to free Wifi, while your dog has the best time of his/her life! Housewife wishing to host a kitty party? Come right here, we have special kitty party Wednesday, where housewives can use our facilities to socialize and revel while their dogs socialize and revel and greet each other with furry paws! We have more, sign up and become a part of the elite culture
  • Our know-how – We are a group of extremely dog-loving, but more importantly dog knowledgeable people. We share our huge bank of knowledge to you, without even you asking about it. We are nice that way!

We care, responsibly.

We recognize the need for dogs to be in an environment that complements their breed. We see everywhere how dog abandonment is rampant. Human orphans affect us, but often while being that way, we forget or often overlook that dogs or any other animal can be orphaned too. We practice what we preach with this.

We realized the problem and rushed to set up a solution, every non-member booking for the swimming pool at Elite K9 Club, 10% of your fees go to an Abandoned Dog fund we have set up, which goes towards the welfare of any abandoned dogs. We care. We provide. But we don’t brag about it. These kinds of principles are what the Elite K9 Club is set up on.

Where do we go from here?

Elite K9 club currently has a fully functioning set up in Bangalore, where we are open for all requests and bookings. However, our dreams don’t end here.

We dream of being a national name when it comes to caring and rejuvenating dogs across the nation. We have plans to expand nation-wide and are openly looking for any suggestions or sponsorships for achieving that dream. With our well learned and happy-to-help staff, our exquisite facilities and our unparalleled love for dogs, we have something unique and extremely promising to share with all the good people in the country and more importantly, their dogs.

Our bases are projected to be present in Pune, Hyderabad, Noida, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Surat, Thane, and some other major cities to name a few. Our primary promoter jokes that every time he gets tired after having a rather lengthy conversation with someone in this regard, and feels a little stressed, his dogs practically smother him for comfort, which makes him remember his mission, and he does all of it with a tireless passion, time and again.

All we can say is that, for the sake of your dogs, and with God’s grace, wherever you will need us, we will try to be there!

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