The Zone

The Zones

We are dog parents ourselves and we know what our dog wants. This comes from all of our knowledge, research and more importantly, love we have on our dogs. We know what any dog of any breed wants. We have built The Zone keeping all of that in mind.

It Includes :

  • The lush and breezy grass-covered lawn that is big enough for them to frolic around and enjoy their time with their other furry friends while staying close enough to you, their parent!
  • Our staff ratio of 1:5 enables us to keep a close watch on them so that if any of them have any troubles, we are present with a mindful eye.
  • Ability to participate in your dog’s physical exercise by you, the parent is something we encourage and cater for. Our facilities allow for that in abundance.
  • Specific training zones where dogs can work on their strength, agility, and intellect is something we take pride in.